Behavior modification, training, and more


We are based in Walnut Creek, California, USA, and serve most of the East Bay area. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you and your pets!

Group Classes

Group classes cover a variety of themes and vary in duration and meeting times, so check the individual course for more details. Normal classes are capped at 10 dogs per instructor and ‘low-capped classes’ are capped at 4 dogs per instructor. Outdoor classes (Urban Walking, Hiking with Dogs, etc.) are rain-or-shine, but will be rescheduled if fires or air quality make it unsafe for moderate exercise.


  1. Puppy’s First Meditation (Puppy socialization & manners)
  2. Calm, Mindful, Confident (Beginner Obedience)
  3. AKC Canine Good Citizenship Prep (includes testing)
  4. Introduction to Trick Dogs (includes AKC Novice test)
  5. AKC Fit Dog 1
  6. Living in the Now (Games & Engagement)
  7. Urban Walking (Obedience out on the town)

Seminars & Special Interests

  1. Introduction to Pup Parkour
  2. Learning loving to swim
  3. Hiking with Dogs
  4. ‘Sharpen Up’ - a Service Dog Special
  5. Foundations for Foster Dogs
  6. Hard-to-Handle to Easy Breezy
  7. A walk in the park

Drop-in Sessions

  1. Drop-in Puppy Socialization (Puppy desensitization & socialization)
  2. Drop-in Obedience (Basic cues, working near other dogs, building confidence)
  3. Drop-in Open Gym (Balance, strength, and focus)
  4. Pack walk ((group walks with owners & dogs of all levels)
  5. Pack chill (settling in public, around other teams)


Low-capped classes (limited to 4 dogs per instructor)

  1. Back to Basics for shy, fearful, or reactive dogs (requires instructor-approval)
  2. Mental & Physical Fitness for shy, fearful, or reactive dogs (requires instructor-approval)
  3. Living in the Now for shy, fearful, or reactive dogs (requires instructor-approval)
  4. Learning, Loving to Swim (not open to brachycephalic dogs without special approval)


Behavior modification

Pets may struggle to adapt to certain situations, people, and other pets. Pets who require more nuanced strategies to learn new, positive ways to interact with their world benefit from behavior modification training. By controlling interactions and environments, your pet has the opportunity to make different choices and be rewarded. Check out our training philosophy here

Reactive dogs, shy or nervous dogs benefit from one-on-one behavior modification sessions. It is often possible for them to graduate to normal group classes, or to participate in ‘low capped classes’ with fewer dogs per instructor. Contact us for more detailed information.



Feeling overwhelmed? Want to improve your communication with your pet? Sharpen a specific skill? We offer custom training programs to help you and your pet meet your goals together. Start by filling out our questionnaire here. Remember to send us a copy of your adoption paperwork from a local shelter to get a discount on your first session or class. TrainingIsFun.

Dog-ventures: Puppy/Dog Socialization & Adventuring

For our regular clients, we offer puppy/dog socialization time during our monthly pack walks, pack chills, and ‘dog-ventures’. We explore local parks, pet-friendly stores, shorelines, outdoor malls, beaches, and trails. Themes change with the seasons, but it’s always a lot of fun. Local and state park fees may apply. Individual transportation is required, though carpooling is encouraged. Please use common sense when RSVPing for these adventures to keep you and your pet safe. Adventures

AKC CGC Testing & Trick Dog titles

At this time, we are offering CGC testing semiannually - please email for dates

For preparatory classes, check out our classes page.

Ready to take or re-take the CGC, CGCA, or CGCU? Shoot us a message to schedule a time.

Feel free to submit videos for AKC Trick Dog titles & AKC Virtual Home Manners to

Pet Sitting

Pets of all shapes, sizes, and species need care while you’re gone. Contact us for specific pricing and availability for your furry, scaly, slimy, or leafy pals. The Bay Area also has a great new site for owners to swap pet sitting services:

We do not offer on-site boarding or daycare services


Medical / Special Needs Assistance

From subcutaneous fluids to insulin injections, we’ve seen a lot of medical and special needs animals. If you need assistance with in-home care, shoot us a message to see if we can be of help.

All medical treatments should be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian; our services are meant to help pet owners to carry out veterinarian instructions intended to be conducted at home. We do not offer independent nor emergency medical care nor any services which should be provided by a licensed veterinarian

Custom Services

Don’t see it listed above? Don’t worry! We may still be able to help; shoot us a message and we’ll do our best to help you and your pets, or we’ll try to help connect you to someone who can.

Cancellation Policy

For group classes, we do not offer refunds or rain-checks for any missed sessions unless arranged before the start of classes; please make sure all classes in a series work for your schedule before signing up for a group series. For private sessions and medical/grooming assistance appointments, we require 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment or you will still be financially responsible for the session. Exceptions may be applied on a case-by-case basis.